About Cherrybooboo

My name is Kristy, and I am the sole owner, designer, maker and distributer of Cherrybooboo products. I originally set my company up in 2015 as a way of funding my IVF journey. and after 8 years of trying to start a family of our own, my husband and i welcomed our little miracle 'Teddy' into the world in december 2018.


i am so grateful for each and everyone who has purchased from cherrybooboo and the support i've had along the way. i have met some amazing people throughout the years and Cherrybooboo has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. From my many years in a childcare environment I have used my knowledge and experience to create a range of bandana bibs that do not only come in a wide variety of designs but are so practical too.

The response and feedback has been amazing, with 75% of my orders being from my loyal customers who continue to purchase from Cherrybooboo. Since then, I have been able to branch out and design other baby products for you to enjoy.

Cherrybooboo is based in Nottingham, uk

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